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Our membership plans offer more than just access to cutting-edge treatments. They’re a long-term investment in your health that will pay off for years to come. Join the GRMS community today and take control of your health and wellbeing.

Membership Benefits

Here’s why you should become a GRMS member and unlock the benefits of regenerative medicine and cellular medicine leveraging exponential technologies and adding at least 20 to 30 years of healthy living to your lifespan.

Joining the GRMS (Global Regenerative Medicine Society) as a member today opens up a world of possibilities in the field of regenerative medicine and longevity. With exponential advancements in stem cell and cellular medicine, we are witnessing a transformation in healthcare like never before.


Be part of a global register which has access to various cell types of adult stem cells held by our partners in a comprehensive database that systematically catalogues and characterizes different types of adult stem cells found in various tissues and organs across the world. This initiative with active collaboration between members, research institutions, universities, and medical allows for early search and treatment. It also allows for the clinician to choose the most appropriate stem cell types, depending on properties, sources, and potential applications. This means as a contributory member you have access to the best cellular medicine as both a potential donor and a recipient.

Health and Longevity: Our objective is to help you lead a healthier, longer life. By being a member, you will gain insights into how cellular medicine cutting-edge treatments can improve your overall well-being and potentially extend your lifespan.

Annual Medical Consultation with a General Practitioner via zoom to assess your health needs and establish your fitness. This allows us to screen for pre-existing conditions which may affect your membership benefits.

Access to subsidised Predictive Next Generation Biomarker Tests and Scans. Everyone has a unique pattern of biomarkers. Some biomarkers affect how certain treatments work. Biomarker testing helps you and your doctor choose a cellular therapy treatment for you.
There are also other kinds of biomarkers that can help doctors diagnose and monitor your condition during and after treatment.

Affordable Access: One of our core missions is to ensure that these life-enhancing treatments are accessible to all. As a GRMS member, you will be part of a community working towards making regenerative medicine affordable and attainable for everyone.

Assured Eligibility for Contribution: Provided you meet the membership criteria and do not possess any pre-existing medical conditions, you have the opportunity to request a single treatment grant for a newly diagnosed life-threatening medical condition, specifically when cellular medicine treatment is the sole recommended option by a certified medical professional or hospital.

As a member, you have access when needed to globally recognized Clinical Centers of Excellence (Hospitals) that specialize in advanced cellular medicine treatments. These centers are renowned for their cutting-edge medical care and exceptional treatment outcomes.

Access to regulated Orthobiologics clinicians and Clinics Globally. These centers patients to receive advanced and specialized treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, potentially improving their quality of life and recovery outcomes. This global accessibility also fosters collaboration among experts, leading to advancements in Orthobiologics research and innovation, benefiting patients worldwide.

Access to Clinical Regulated Clinical Trials. Access to globally regulated clinical trials benefits patients by providing them with opportunities to access cutting-edge treatments and therapies that may not be available in their home country, potentially improving their health outcomes. It also facilitates the development of new medical advancements by diversifying participant pools and allowing for broader data collection, leading to more robust and generalizable research results.

As a member you have Access to Indigenous-regulated medical treatments and centers globally. These indigenous medical practitioners and treatments can provide unique insights into cellular medicine and longevity by offering holistic approaches rooted in traditional wisdom, potentially unlocking novel therapies and practices that promote cellular health and extend longevity while respecting diverse cultural perspectives and indigenous knowledge systems. This inclusive approach fosters a richer understanding of human well-being and longevity, combining modern scientific advancements with ancient wisdom for more comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Access to a Registered Certified Global Venepuncturists/Phlebotomist. Access to a certified Venepuncturists/Phlebotomist ensures accurate blood sample collection for diagnostic purposes, reduces patient discomfort and anxiety, and enhances the overall quality of patient care.

Stay Informed: Our dedicated team continually tracks the progress of over 6000 treatments in the realm of regenerative medicine. We provide you with up-to-date information on the latest breakthroughs and developments in this rapidly evolving field. You’ll have access to the most current research and trends.

Quarterly Recap: We provide you with a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking discoveries and advancements that have occurred in the past year. This recap ensures that you are well-informed about the recent strides in regenerative medicine. We will do this via a e-newsletter every 3 months.

Future Projections: We don’t just focus on the present; we also project how these treatments will evolve over the next 2 to 5 years. Our aim is to give you a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of regenerative medicine so that you can plan your healthcare decisions accordingly. We will inform you of future projections and data sheets as and when they become available for release by our partners.

Unlock Exclusive Access to Tailored Regulated Healthcare and Embrace Health Tourism at Unbeatable Rates through Our Esteemed Collaborations and Partnerships.

Networking Opportunities: Joining GRMS opens doors to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for regenerative medicine. Engage in discussions, attend events, and collaborate with experts in the field. We do this via Podcasts, Question and Answers Forums and Webinars.

Unlock the incredible advantages that grant you affordable access to the groundbreaking world of Regenerative Cellular Medicine, empowering you to embrace a vibrant and extended life.

With a global reach, our membership offers you all these incredible benefits for just £14.99, billed annually at £175.00. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your longevity and well-being!!

Membership Enrolment and Medical Assessment Process
  1. Registration and Demographic Information Submission:
    Begin your journey with us by registering to join our esteemed scientific organization. During the registration process, kindly provide us with your essential demographic details and grant your consent to proceed.
  1. Payment of Membership Fees:
    Following a successful registration, we kindly request the payment of membership fees, which enables you to access our exclusive benefits and services.
  1. Medical Questionnaire Submission:
    After your membership fees have been processed, you will receive an email containing a link to a medical questionnaire. Please take the time to complete this questionnaire thoroughly and submit it as soon as possible.
  1. Medical Assessment by Our Team:
    Within 7 days of submitting your medical questionnaire, our dedicated medical team will reach out to you via email to schedule a confidential phone call. During this call, our experts will assess your specific needs and inquire about any preexisting medical conditions.Please note that while we cannot allocate treatment grants for preexisting medical conditions to maintain fairness among all members, rest assured that we are committed to assisting you in the best possible manner to ensure that your treatment is neither withheld nor delayed.
    1. Membership Activation:
      Once the above steps are completed, your membership will be officially activated, granting you access to our comprehensive range of services and resources.


We look forward to welcoming you as a valued member of our scientific community. Should you have any questions or require further assistance throughout this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.