GRMS Global Ambassadors

Advocating for Regenerative Medicine Worldwide

Ayesha Bawa

Ambassador – South Africa

Peris Naipamei Kaikai

Ambassador – Kenya

Halima Abdallah

Ambassador – Tanzania

Rekha Sri

Ambassador – India

Neha Sharma

Ambassador – UK

Larisa Dariescu

Ambassador – Romania

Ambassadors are integral to our mission of advancing global regenerative medicine efforts. As esteemed advocates, they harness their influence and expertise to amplify awareness of the profound impact of regenerative therapies. Our ambassadors proactively participate in community outreach, educational endeavors, and partnerships with healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers, all aimed at fostering accessibility to groundbreaking regenerative medicine solutions that contribute to a healthier and longer lifespan. Furthermore, they actively recruit new members to bolster our cause and expand our reach.